Historic Rogersville
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Historic Rogersville

A look at historic Rogersville.


Town Founder Joseph Rogers

The town of Rogersville began its life as part of Spencer county North Carolina, during this time an Irish immigrant by the name of Joseph Rogers settled the area. Not long after, Joseph Rogers and his partner James Hagen presented a bill to the North Carolina legislator that would change the name of the area to Rogersville, it passed and the name persists to this day.

Hawkins County was well traveled due to settlers passing through to Kentucky and middle Tennessee; the heavy traffic was perfect for trade. Joseph built his tavern and inn on 205 South Rogers street next to a major stagecoach route that led travelers to Kentucky and the Cumberland settlements.

There are many noteworthy buildings and businesses in Rogersville, The Hale Springs Inn for example: built in 1824 by John McKinney, was used to house Union soldiers during the civil war. The Kyle House, a spacious 22 room Mansion built in 1837 for William Simpson, housed Confederate soldiers. This must have been interesting considering the close proximity of the two buildings.


The Hale Springs Inn present day.


The Hawkins County Court house has been in use longer than any other in Tennessee; designed and built by John Dameron in 1836 it has handle matters of law for 174 years,



Hawkins County Court House.

The Masonic temple named after John Overton Andrew began as the first branch Bank of the State of Tennessee, its failure came about at the end of the Civil War due to all its assets consisting of Confederate bonds. Overton Lodge is the oldest operating lodge in Tennessee.


Overton Lodge Masonic Temple